Blockchain in Digital Identity – mysteries resolved!

Why should your identity be digital?

Why not? Because everything in hard copy is destructible. Anything on the blockchain platform is imperishable. This undestroyable nature of the blockchain is the most sought-after one. This gives immense security and keeps the matters private yet anonymous.

This is termed as pseudo-anonymity. Which means you are given identity, but your real identity remains hidden. Now, what is the whole point of blockchain digital identity? How is it beneficial? Firstly how can we implement blockchain for digital identity?

Applying blockchain for digital identity

The very essence is going to be about the certificates being verified by the nodes. When a file (say your certificate) is uploaded on a blockchain, it is checked and okayed by the nodes that maintain the network.

This happens in a consensus. That is a general agreement between all the nodes. Even if one node does not agree with the terms, or does not verify okay, the certificate has to be checked for authenticity. 

At the same time, when your certificate is verified okay, it is stored on the blockchain with unique codes. It is tagged as authentic. It increases your credibility as a verified certificate holder. 

Importance of blockchain-verified digital certificate

When in a country not familiar to us, we would prefer using google ratings and reviews to more about a hotel, doctor or even a restaurant. However, if the concerned person is too good at marketing, the reviews may or may not be true. 

However, with blockchain, the same review is carried out only by the nodes. There is no way to bribe the nodes or add fake reviews about the site on the blockchain. Hence any hotel, doctor, or restaurant holding a blockchain verified digital certificate has higher values. 

Important matters

There are numerous blockchain companies in the industry. However, the one with the best teams is still a question. If you have any more doubts regarding the best blockchain firm for digital identity, post your comments below. I will get back with exciting answers. 

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